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Easy Infrastructure Access.
No wizardry required.

The days of cobbling together point solutions to get AuthN, AuthZ, networking, and auditing across your stack are gone. StrongDM is one harmonious platform with every service you need - no paper clips or chicken wire required.

Authentication + Authorization + Networking + Observability

Secure by design.

Unauthorized access is eliminated because users never see resources they don’t have permission to use.

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Peter Tormey
Manager, DataOps, SoFi
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“When strongDM said deployment would take an hour, I assumed they were full of it and blocked out a full day. We finished in 45 minutes.“

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Works for past, present, and future environments.

StrongDM was designed from day one to work with any infrastructure. Whether it’s Sybase or Kubernetes, data centers or the newest cloud, it just works.
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Loved by users and admins alike.

StrongDM is happily used by everyone because it gives everyone exactly what they need without getting in anyone’s way
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Nicholas Hobart
Senior Engineer, SRE Team, Clearcover

Ultimately, we chose StrongDM because it has the ability to grow with us. We want to enable our users to have more access to more services, and StrongDM can help support that for us.
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We’re obsessed with the customer experience. Because putting people first is what we do.

Every one of our support engineers is a practitioner so that we troubleshoot quickly and precisely to support you, and not just our product.

Al Wiesner, Sr. DevOps Engineer, Starburst Data
Al Wiesner,
Sr. DevOps Engineer, Starburst Data
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I love StrongDM’s customer support. During the POC, the support teams were extremely responsive to questions. What surprised me was the relationship didn't change once I became a customer. With StrongDM, how they treat you is just how they treat you.
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StrongDM app UI showing available infrastructure resources
Connect your first server or database, without any agents, in 5 minutes.